An artist bookmaker, printer and painter trained at Carmarthen School of Art.

research brief 453a1
mesh pull 1
mesh pull 2
visual braille test 1
visual braille test 2
blind print
blind print 2
braille repousse I
braille emboss I
Instrumental repousse I
Instrumental repousse II
Braille repousse II
collagraph series I Heidegger
And everything between
The Crow
The Crow
The Makers Hands I
The Makers Hands II
The Makers Hands III
Reflect, Refract, Encode
Reflect, Refract, Encode
Hold me
Turning Points
Aber in Flight
Scapes and Escapes
Artist Statement

My work is primarily process driven using print to explore substrate and technical variables within a single plate. A Braille motif provided the inspiration to focus on developing a language without actuality, an aesthetic code intended to generate a phenomenological experience for the viewer. Making prints and artist books have enabled me to unfold a series of possibilities rather than allude to a narrative, and to immerse myself deeply in the process without predicting an outcome. 


‘Braille is not a language. It is a code by which all languages may be written and read’


Braille dots have been imprinted onto lead following an incidental experiment with enamel on steel that suggested the impact of a bullet. This association led me to substitute embossed Braille with bullet holes, to experiment with lead as both method and material.


I have enjoyed the associations of lead as a soft but heavy metal, relatively inert unreactive element with a weak nature, a low melting point and mythologically alchemical. Lead is low cost, with versitile practical utility and it is both protective and poisonous.


I have used lead to represent the physical body, a malleable form that’s slow to change, it’s alchemical mythology (turning lead into gold) mirroring the human desire to shift from substance to spirit, conceptualising material through process. The bullet holes in lead are coded symbols of how easily damaged and hurt the body can be.  If the lead is an authentic representation of my body, the prints actualise the impact of my care in the world.

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